Fanno sorridere questi mega progetti  che tuttavia hanno il pregio di tirar fuori la creatività dei progettisti. Qualcuno dirà trionfo del cattivo gusto. Bè si questione di opinioni personali…

Ma il mega yacht da 700 milioni di sterline, chiamato “Le strade di Monaco“, inteso come la rappresentazione del Principato, sul tavolo da disegno della “Yacht Island Design” di Derby non è ancora certo se sarà mai varato ma di sicuro siamo certi che un avventuroso miliardario si farà avanti.

Avrà un progetto unico al mondo  costruito da un team di artisti guidati dalla passione di varare qualcosa di veramente differente.

With its own fully functional go kart circuit, The Streets of Monaco by Yacht Island Design is a 155-metre concept like no other. The design recreates a small section of the Principality of Monaco, home to the famous Formula One track and the Monaco Yacht Show. Basically, the superyacht acts as a floating island, harnessing the benefits that come from SWATH platforms, the main advantage being excellent stability.

Split into four major external deck spaces, the upper level includes the main swimming pool with swim-in Jacuzzi/bar and the Casino Square, featuring a large glass-bottomed fountain in a tranquil garden setting. A multi-purpose courtyard in the stern of the vessel allows for various sporting activities and doubles as a helipad. Expansive sun decks and BBQ facilities have also been incorporated into the design.

The two remaining communal areas are the ‘The Oasis’ and ‘The Grand Atrium.’ The Oasis, modelled on the gardens outside the Monaco Casino, acts as the main boarding point and includes a central waterfall feature. Large exterior windows surround the entire aft section of The Oasis, extending to the full double-deck height ceiling. Forward on the lower level is the Spa with manicure and hair salon, sauna/steam rooms and a relaxation lounge featuring a spa pool with a bar. A gym and café bar are also found on this level with under-water views into the main external swimming pool.

Finally, The Grand Atrium is the central hub of the yacht, linking the upper and lower living areas and surrounds a waterfall feature supplied by the glass-bottomed fountain from the garden above. Located off the lower atrium are seven guest suites, library, communal office, communal balcony and cinema. The upper level of The Atrium leads to the main entertainment area and the owner’s suite comprising the main salon with Havana room and adjoining wine cellar, casino, dining room and dance hall.

Diesel-electric drives would power the steel and aluminium vessel, which is expected to achieve a top speed of 15 knots. Able to accommodate 16 guests and 70 crew, with the owner’s private apartment located in the Prince’s Palace on the port bow of the Upper deck, additional features include two large tender garages, sea level ‘beach’ decks, dive dock and a submarine, which can be deployed from one of the submerged hulls.

“The feedback we’re receiving from the market is that yacht design is increasingly influenced by land-based architecture,” explained Aldo Cingolani, MD of Giugiaro Architettura, at the 2010 Seatec Millennium Yacht Design Awards featured in SuperyachtDesign Q2. The Streets of Monaco concept would seem an extreme reflection of this trend.

The second creation by the team at Yacht Island Design will be a smaller 85-metre ‘yacht’, based around a Pacific Island theme—“a notable departure from the architectural feel of the ‘Monaco’ design with a flowing organic shape and natural themed features” explains McPherson.

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