Peter Johansson/Barbro Westling




New exhibition at Trondelag Centre for Contemporary Art

Peter Johansson/ Barbro Westling

15 th of April – 29th of  May

FÖRSPILLD IRONI OCH ANDRA SKULPTURER /Wasted Irony and other Sculptures

Barbro Westling and Peter Johansson have long experience with often grand productions that are both entertaining and provoking. Often involving an element of sly humour, the artists work raises questions about phenomenons in society, life and art.

The artists , who are based in Malmö in Sweden,  now present their exhibition Förspilld Ironi och andra skulpturer (Wasted Irony and other Sculptures), which opens at the Trondelag Centre for Contemporary Art on Friday 15th of April.

The project deals with questions of art and moral. It asks what can constitute art, areas of use and the roles art is given and also asks what meaning art has in our daily lives as well as in art itself. To quote the artists :  ‘Garden art is ugly, art is nice, stealing is bad’ …
The catalogue for the exhibition is free of charge, and contains a text by the journalist/writer Per Svensson, and ethnologist Eva Londos, in addition to a generous contribution by the artists.  



Opening hours in the exhibition period: 
Tuesday – Friday    10am-4pm 
Saturday – Sunday 12pm-4pm 
Closed for Easter holidays 21th – 25th of April

26.Nov – 18 Dec 2010 Galerie Leger, Malmö
15.th April – 15 th May Trøndelag Centre for Contemporary Art, Trondheim
June/July, Passagen Linköping.
24.Sep – 4 Nov Alingsås Konsthall
Dec – Jan 2012 Konsthallen/ Kulturens Hus Luleå
The exhibition is supported by:
Norwegian State Exhibition Grant and Publication support from Arts Council Norway The Barbro Oscher Pro Suecia Foundation, EAB in Smålandsstenar,
Atelje Larsen  and  KRELAB in Helsingborg,
Nya Gotlands Svets & Smide AB,
Galerie Leger and blacksmith Peder Wolfbrandt in Degeberga, Sweden.
A special thanks to Plantasjen in Trondheim, for sponsing of plant and flowers

All photos by courtesy of the artists.

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