MacachiMandiamo le nostre lettere di protesta! Non possiamo rimanere impassibili di fronte a tanta crudeltà!

Da più parti giunge la segnalazione di una protesta contro esperimenti sul cervello dei macachi, estremamente cruenti, svolti all’università di Parma.

Due dei ricercatori coinvolti sono il prof. Giacomo Rizzolatti e il prof. Vittorio Gallese, che hanno ricevuto il 2 febbraio il dottorato honoris causa dall’Universita’ Cattolica di Leuven, in Belgio, per queste loro ricerche vivisettorie.

Gli attivisti antivivisezionisti della ADC Belgio chiedono di inviare mail di protesta al rettore dell’Università di Leuven e ai vivisettori stessi.

La lettera di protesta per questi esperimenti orrendi descritti nell’articolo va inviata al rettore e ai due vivisettori, e va mandata in inglese.

Qui sotto trovate la lettera-tipo da inviare:

To Professors Rizzolatti and Gallese and Rector Waer

It has come to my attention that the research group at the University of
Parma conducts highly invasive experiments on conscious monkeys. I’ve
seen with my own eyes video footage of an experiment performed at the
UNIPR Neurosciences Laboratory showing a fully conscious monkey being
severely restrained in a primate chair, unable to move his head, which
had attached to it a surgical implant with recording electrodes.

I am shocked and appalled to see these wonderful animals confined to
small cages and contraptions of experimentation. They are deprived of
freedom like slaves and condemned to a miserable life as a test subject
in cruel and scientifically flawed research. Monkeys are highly sentient
beings that experience a wide range of emotions; they are remarkably
intelligent and sensitive to both mental and physical pain, fear and
distress. Tormenting these innocent souls in experiments that have not
even shown any application for human or veterinary medicine is truly

It is an absolute disgrace that despite all of this, the University of
Leuven has decided to honour your ‘work’ by awarding you with doctorate
degrees. A ‘mad scientist’ award would have been far more fitting. Still
it was hardly a surprise considering the University of Leuven’s own
record of grotesque monkey abuse.

I fully support the Anti Dierproeven Coalitie in their campaign against
vivisection on non-human primates. Abusing animals is not something to
be proud of, let alone something you should be awarded for.


Grazie per il sostegno!

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